About us

De bedrijfshistorie van Boomkwekerij W.J van Ooi

The tree nursery was founded in 1987 by Wil van Ooi together
with his wife Annelies. It started with growing winter cuttings
and later with Salixen. Over the years, more and more came
Cornus species, also called Dogwood. The interest and
passion grew for the Cornus strain, and the company went into this
specialize. Because of this Wil has the cultivation of Salix varieties
completely left behind, and started to focus on the

The range has now grown to more than 225 Cornus
species. But the mission to search for new species is contemporary
still not stopped.
Van Ooi has aimed the company in such a way that in the summer and winter months they have about 75,000
pieces per year. The nursery has a breeding greenhouse
where cultivation is done in open ground. The potting of the
planting is done at a different location, namely along the
Nieuweweg in Reeuwijk. The solitaires are also located at this location
plants in containers from 15 liters to 1500 liters. This range
consists of more than 100 varieties in sizes 80/100 to
with 4/5 meters high.

The nursery has a size of 4,500 m2 greenhouse, 10,000 m2
pot culture and 4500m2 open ground. From our main location on
Berkenbroek 9 in Reeuwijk we supply to garden centers,
gardeners, line drivers and exporters. Van Ooi also exports itself
to countries such as Germany, England, Belgium,
France, Poland and Italy.
There are also exports to the United States and Japan,
this is represented by W.J. Spaargaren BV. The Department
klein trade represents Firma C Esveld for us.

This is how we try our customers with a wide, available range
as satisfied as possible. In addition to the wide choice of Dogwood,
van Ooi also grows planting material for avenue tree growers.

The nursery on Berkenbroek 9 in Reeuwijk